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knife they believe was used in the attack. >>> president obama took his campaign against gun control on the road today. they are meeting a lot of resistance on capitol hill, even with his own party. >> we don't have to agrow on everything to agree it is time to do something. there won't be perfect solutions. we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. that's our responsibility as americans. >> reporter: releasing this photo of the president. today they killed them holding them captive. on what forced the feds here to make their moves. >> reporter: law enforcement officials shook hands, patting each other on the back after the short hostage ended. suspected gunman is dead. known only as ethan, he's safe. >> within the past 24 hours, the negotiations deteriorated. and he was observed holding a gun. >> reporter: authorities said they couldn't wait any longer. >> reporter: at this point the fbi agents were fearing that the child was in danger, entered the bunker, rescuing the child. >> reporter: sources say that police entered the bunker through a door, creating som
harkin senator who voted against it last time with obama because of guessworker. the whole thing went out the window. each side has to figure out how to compromise. it's the failures of the past that may push this forward to a win this time and get some reform done. >> how do you think this is going to play into 2016. marco rubio is someone who is talked about as being a candidate for president on the republican side. he has publicly said he believes the future of the republican party lies in immigration reform. if you look at the changing demographics do republicans have any other choice but to go for some sort of immigration reform if they want to have any kind of hope if 2016 if not 2014. >> republicans are going to be best off voting for the right bill. if you take for example attitudes in latino community in border security this idea of border security first has a great deal of resonance in the latino community. particularly here in the state of texas where the latino communities along the border know how important it is to get the border secured. it will benefit both parties preside
. but torture is only part of the debate over the fight against terrorism. what about the undermining of civil liberties here at home? the rights of suspects? the secret surveillance of american citizens? the swollen executive powers first aimed by george w. bush and now by barack obama? soon after he succeeded bush, president obama announced he would not permit torture and would close down the detention camp at guantanamo bay. he also said this -- >> our actions in defense of liberty will be just as our cause. and that we the people will uphold our fundamental values as vigilantly as we protect our security. once again america's moral example must bthe bedrk and the beacon of our global leadership. >> four years later, guantanamo not only remains open, but a few days ago, the state department announced it was eliminating the office assigned to close the prison and move its detainees. meanwhile, president obama has stepped up the use of unmanned drones against suspected terrorists abroad. those drone attacks have killed a growing number of civilians and have prompted the united nations to laun
. hope needs a story, a narrative. here is what is going on in this country. president obama now is speaking more forcefully about what he wants to do it and against smoking out those who are obstructing. this is really wonky. anyway, i think one of the most exciting things are the movements of our times. i closed this book out before occupy. i wrote about wisconsin. our correspondent was there for 57 days. that was about occupying the state house. occupy has become a brand. it has also become e ncampments. soon it will need to be more than a space and a place. it will need to go to state houses, occupy banks, occupy congress. take the movement energy into those stairs -- spheres with the ideas matter of the heart of occupy. >> winter is coming. cities like san francisco and oakland and other cities are closing down the encampments and chasing people off. you can drive 90 miles from davis and pepper spray. it is hard to maintain people's attention for long periods of time. i am wondering -- should they be occupying the supreme court? [applause] >> i was talking about that today.
program and the obama administration's legal justification behind the use of such efforts against al qaeda suspects. a new 16-page memo copy of which was obtained by nbc news offers fresh insights into this controversial practice including the killing of american citizens overseas if they're believed to be senior operational leaders of al qaeda or an associated force. even if there's no intelligence indicating they're engaged in an active plot to attack the united states. >>> such a strike, of course, took place in yemen in september 2011 killing two operatives. both of them were american citizens who hadn't been indicted by the u.s. government or charged with any crimes. in the past, attorney general eric holder has spoken publicly about the administration's three main pcriteria for justifying a legal strike against a u.s. citizen overseas. they must pose an imminent threat of violent attack, capture is infeasible and the operation must be squint law of war principles. but this newly obtained memo elaborates further. i states u.s. officials may consider whether an attempted capture would
congress about a medicare funding problem when he was mr. obama's budget director. alabama senator jeff sessions leading the fight against lew says he also lied when he said the 2012 budget would not add to the nation's debt. the administration defends lew's claim that the president's budget would not add to the debt. saying it's accurate if you don't count the interest on the debt. republicans didn't buy that argument then and they're not buying it now. democratic senator robert menendez of new jersey is firing back at claims that he engaged in parties with prostitutes during trips to the dominican republic. just before election day this past november, a conservative online publication cited three unidentified sources who claimed menendez flew on private planes to the caribbean and had sex parties with prostitutes during the trips. menendez tells c-n-n those claims are all false. buddy can find them nobody ever met them nobody ever talked to him. all of those accusations are absolutely false. also menendez is also under fire for waiting so long to pay back the charges for using a dono
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action to be taken against the bush administration, we're now obviously seeing some decisions the obama administration may argue differently. let me make clear, i support what the obama administration is doing here but it goes to show how difficult and messy, when the bush administration would make the point, those senior leaders would say it's difficult for perhaps some to understand what we're dealing with here when we talk about this level, all national security decisions are serious, we talk about this kind of threat we have to make at times very messy and sometimes uncomfortable and oftentimes questionable decisions. my only point is democrats need to now think back how they conducted themselves and questions they raised about bush administration tactics. i didn't raise those questions as aggressively as some of my friends did and important everybody step back and take a breather here, particularly democrats. if this was happening and his name was bush, i think there'd be a lot of criticism coming at this president. >> if george bush had done this, it would have been stopped. >> i
constitution freedoms have been abridged by the last 10 years and more as president obama is unhappily following in that tradition. >> we will speak with whistleblower daniel ellsberg who is in new york this week to attend an appeal in his lawsuit against the ndaa. we will speak with computer security researcher jacob appelbaum who lost a federal appeals court ruling that the government could subpoena his twitter and e-mail information without a warrant as part of its probe into wikileaks. the boy scouts of america prepared to vote on whether to lift its ban on gay members. >> the question always comes down to, can case raise quick -- raise kids? most people really do not have an answer. i raise my hand and say, i was raised by gay couple and i'm doing pretty well. i started 99% on the act, i own and operate my own business, i am an eagle scout. i believe i would make you very proud. >> we will speak with eagle scouts zach wahls. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration's legal ration
against wall street interests. >> that's right. >> so i think president obama's pick of mary jo white really was based on her proven track record as a senior federal prosecutor and her ability to get tough settlements from wall street and weighing that against her potential conflicts from representing certain wall street firms. i think it's a small price to pay, and the s.e.c. does have policies and procedures in place to deal with conflicts, but it shouldn't disqualify a person of mary jo white's caliber from serving as a chairwoman. >> that's a great point. >> andrew? >> ihinkou hit the nail on the head. it is sort of an optics issue, and the s.e.c. is trying to get a new reputation, after missing bernie madoff and allen stanford, they are trying to create a new s.e.c., and when you have the chairperson not being able to take part in crucial, crucial enforcement actions, as a minimum the optics are horrific. >> well, we will see what happens. thank you, gentleman, for your thoughts on this. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks so much, guys. >> 20 minutes before the closing bell sounds for
raul is right about that and offer a moving target. it's harder to focus on campaigning against any one proposal for the other side and the jury's out about whether this will work. the white house points to the beginning of obama's first term when he successfully used that momentum off of the '08 election and off of his original inauguration to accomplish many of the domestic policy successes of the first term right away. the difference is that was a democratic house, a wholly democratic congress. right now, we have divided government and so it's a different equation and remains to be seen whether the republican house is susceptible to this kind of pressure. >> thank you. great pleasure having both of you on. >>> we're just learning president obama plans to visit israel this spring. it will mark the president's first visit to the nation since taking office. president obama spoke about the trip with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu last week. big news there. >>> just in the past hour, new comments from the white house on the confidential justice department memo obtained by nbc n
. the civil complaint is the first enforcement action the government it is a taken against a agency regulated to the meltdown. >> we're now getting a peek behind the curtain into the obama administration justification for targeting an killing american citizens that it suspects of terrorism. it comes as one of the faces of the drone program prepares for his confirmation hearing to the top spot at the c.i.a. catherine herridge tells us some lawmakers are demanding answers. >> the white house press secretary was peppered with questions about the president's authority to target u.s. citizens. >> these strikes are legal, ethical and wise. >> this is giving legal justification for killing american citizens without any trial. >> i would point you to the ample judicial precedent. >> this letter signed by eight democrats and three republicans urges mr. obama to produce the memos th authorizes use the drones to congress and republicans can decide whether it's subject to appropriate limitations and safeguards. susan colins says fundamental principals are at stake. >> the obama administration released al
americans overseas if they're plotting against the. the attacks would be completed by drone strikes. the 16-page memo lays out the legal and ethical use of drones. president obama said the first priority is to protect all americans and contends targeted strikes stop threats and prevent future attacks and save lives. >>> boeing starting work on the next version of the dreamliner jet and so the fuselage would be built and the current 787 fleet remains grounded after a series of issues and they're trying to figure out what caused the problems. >>> ruling reversal. the boy scouts set to announce a major policy change. what they're doing to move the going along. >>> and keeping your kids safe. >> and sam the cat has the look and with some eyebrows. the cat's unique eyebrow shape markings have sky rocketed to viral fame overnight. and has many instagram followers. follows. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪
into president obama's use of drone strikes against american citizens and defenders of civil liberties are sounding the alarm. they believe it's way too easy for suspected american terrorists overseas to land on the president's kill list. it's time for a debate here in "the situation room." we're joined by two guests. cliff may is the president of the foundation for the defense of democracies. congressman keith ellison is a democrat of minnesota. gentleman, thanks to both of you for coming in. >> thank you. >> let me read from this justice department memo that was leaked. this is out there. "the condition that an operational leader presents an imminent threat of violent attack against the united states does not require the united states to have clear evidence that a specific attack on u.s. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future." is that okay with you? >> you know, it really bends the definition of what "imminent" actually means. i do agree with the use of the word imminent. but i think imminent means close proximity in time to the attack. and that the person has
against opinions of professionals. tyler. >> good reporting. >>> president obama about to make a statement on his budget proposals. we will have it for you when it happens. it will be from the white house, that podium, then we'll talk live with ranking democrat on the ways and means committee, the big taxing committee. stay with us. we'll be right back. >>> we are waiting for president obama to speak momentarily about his pitch to congress for short-term budget tweaks. we will take those remarks in a moment. first capitol hill. representative levin joins us, ranking member on the ways and means committee. we're grateful to you for standing by and help bridge to the president's remarks. >> glad to be here. thank you for having me. >> let's talk a little bit about what the president would propose and what it would mean for this budget process. he hopes to avoid the forced cuts due to kick in on march 1. can that happen and what should happen? >> it should happen. i think it's unadvisable to have sequestration. i think the republicans are taking this position, let the budget cuts happen regar
lives, the united states government conducts targeted strikes against specific al qaeda terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft often referred to publicly as drones. and i'm here today because president obama has instructed us to be more open with the american people about these efforts. >> why exactly the obama administration thinks these strikes are legal. they say, let me say as simply as i can, "in full accordance with the law, the united states government conducted targeted strikes." "in full accordance with the law." we know that they do think it's legal. but they won't say why they think it's legal. the closest we have come to learning about how the obama administration justifies drone strikes is this. in the fall of 2011, "new york times" reporter charlie savage wrote this story. this is about a week after al awlaki was killed. the story describes a super secret 50-page memo written by an office within the justice department that effectively serves as the obama's administration's legal justification for why they think it's okay to kill an american citizen with
obama went to minneapolis, in a bid to build support for efforts against gun violence. f.b.i. agents rescued a five-year-old boy after a week-long stand-off. his 65-year-old captor was found dead. and a suicide bomber in iraq struck at an anti-al-qaeda militia, killing at least 22 people and wounding 44. online, we report on a changing media landscape in israel. hari sreenivasan tells us more. our reporting team in israel examines how newspapers there have become increasingly competitive and opinionated, spurred by american casino mogul sheldon adelson, who owns the country's most widely read daily paper. find that along with all of our reports from israel. and on making sense, larry kotlikoff spins a tale of marriage, murder and social security. all that and more is on our web site, jeff? >> brown: and that's the newshour for tonight. on tuesday, we'll look at the president's second term tactics for pushing his proposals on a variety of issues. i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. we'll see you online, and again here tomorrow evening. thank you, and goo
. >>> immigration reform is on the tp of president obama's agenda today's. the house will hold a committee hearing today on immigration, the first one for this new congress. >>> five things to know on this tuesday morning, attorneys in the murder case against george zimmerman are back in court to argue motions before the trial. zimmerman claims he shot 17- year-old trayvon martin in self defense. >>> joe biden travels to london, going to attends a meeting on national security. >>> today might be a good opportunity to talk to kids about using the web safely. the safer internet day started by the tech company promotes responsible use of on line technology and mobile phones, especially among children. >>> caught up in the super bowl hoop? apple is releasing the ipad four today. 128 gigs of memory runs on the ios6.1 software. the ipad costs between 800, $940. >>> this might be the most important news of the day, free pancakes. not just for breakfast, all day long, ihop is celebrating national pancake day. all they are asking is that you make the donation to the leukemia and lymphoma society in exchang
ethan safe. >> you have to be extremely careful. any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm ethan because he's right there. >> reporter: interesting, the standoff extended beyond midland city, alabama. even president obama praised authorities for saving the boy. rob and diana? >> great news he made it out alive and right in time for his birthday. tahman bradley, live in washington. thanks, tahman. >>> gun control, of course, is a top priority for the president. mr. obama took his message on the road yesterday, with a visit to a minneapolis police station. here's abc's jonathan karl. >> reporter: faced with an uphill battle in congress, the president took his campaign for new gun control measures on the road. >> we're not going to wait until the next newtown. >> reporter: the central component of the president's plan is requiring virtually anybody buying a gun to get a background check. but the audience in minneapolis has seen that that's not enough. last september, just a few miles from where the president spoke, minnesota suffered its worst ever mass shooting
, president obama excoriated the patriotic act in 2002006, fought against its renl and has routinely used the tools of the patriot act to do what his press spokesman, jay carney, to do one of his principals duties to keep america safe. you're right. eric holder was one of the people baying for law licenses and practice me chu a a prematue careers of these people. the people before him wrote the underlying memo. we don't know what's in the underlying memo. all we know is what's written in a memo that describes in general terms what's in that memo. i suspect that memo is far more precise and far more detailed and spells out what can be done and what cannot be done, but you know he, hopefully that has been briefed to the members of the senate and house intelligence committee, at least the leadership of those committees, and they've thought carefully about them. to go back to your original question, i don't expect senate leahy to come out and say as harsh a things about the current attorney general and the current administration as he did when george bush was president. this was all about pol
or in our schools or threaten iing our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: against the backdrop of those officers, president obama urged supporters to call on congress to act. >> we don't have to agree on everything to agree it's time to do something. >> reporter: while both sides largely agree with a need for extended background checks, reinstating the assault weapons ban remains the most controversial effort. president obama is ignoring the nation's economic challenges, critics say. >> our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. >> reporter: immigration reform is critical, they say, to helping the nation's economy. those coming here to meet with the president, ceos from companies like yahoo! goldman sachs and coca cola. natalie? >> thank you so much, peter. >>> secretly laying out conditions for carrying out targeted killings of suspected american terrorists that are different than officials have explained publicly. according to a membero obtained by nbc news. it expands the definition of self defense and what qualifies as an imminent threat of violence and says that
me tell you what -- >> i'm terribly sorry. i'm coming up against a hard break. i have to good. >> anytime. >> we'll be back in just a moment. >>> president obama just wrapping up a big-time meeting with leaders from some of the nation's biggest companies. on the table everything from item taxes and spending. goldman sachs chief executive officer was there earlier this afternoon the president went for another quick fix. he does not want the major spending cuts that sequestration would bring on march 1st. he wants a quick fix. what is your reading on that? >> i think it's quite appropriate to try to find some reasoned alternative to the kind of dooms day backstop of the sequestration. i think it's a good idea to search for a solution other than the automatic spending cuts. >> this quick fix would include more taxes on wealthy people, on top of the higher taxes on the rich we already got on january 1st. where do you stand on more taxes on the rich? >> i think at this point, where -- the budget is moving out of control at this point, largely because of the been tax intend did tour
and stirring up so much controversy tonight. it is a kind of handbook for lethal power against terrorists, even if they are american citizens. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tells us about the news today. >> reporter: by one count, president obama has already used unmanned cia drones to drop strike more than 300 suspected terrorist targets, even more than his predecessor. but today we learned just how much authority the administration believes it has to kill, without trial or evidence, suspected terrorists, even american citizens. a newly disclosed justice department document says american citizens tied to al qaeda can be killed, if, "an informs, high-level official believes the target poses an imminent threat." but the documents say, it, quote, does not quire the government to have clear evidence. case in point, anwar al awlaki, top al qaeda leader, linked to several terrorist attacks. he was killed in a 2011 drone strike. human rights advocates say the justice department memo goes way too far. and -- >> justifies essentially a claim that the executive branch can be judge,
of violence to other americans but no specific information about an impending attack against the u.s. is necessary for the attack. >>> a 16-page report provides legal cover for an obama administration drone strike back in 2011. in that strike, in yemen, two u.s. citizens linked to al qaeda were killed. >>> world leaders are watching the relationship between iran and egypt tonight. iran's president, ahmadinejad is in cairo for an islamic summit. it is the first time an eye rain wran leader has visited egypt in more than 30 years. we have more now on the historic trip and developing relationship between two controversial leaders. >> reporter: iran's president ahmadinejad made a historic visit to cairo, becoming irania to visit egypt. he arrived and met by mohammed morsey. it the first time an iranian leader visited egypt since 1979. the year that egypt signed a peace treaty with israel and iran overthrew the shah. since then the two regional heavyweights have been at birth odds over policy and all kinds of issues across the region. but since becoming the first democratically elected
. >> reporter: drones have been called president obama's weapon of choice. during his four years as commander in chief, u.s. military and cia drone strikes have accelerated in an unprecedented pace. more than 400 cia strikes against targets in pakistan and yemen. eight times as many as under president bush. >> they have been very precise, precision strikes against al qaeda, and their affiliates. >> these strikes are legal. they are ethical. and they are wise. >> reporter: but today, new questions about drone strikes targeting american citizens, including anwar al awlaki. born in new mexico, and killed in yemen in 2011. he allegedly directed the so-called underwear bomber, who tried to blow up an airliner over detroit in 2009. but awlaki was never charged with a crime. nbc news has obtained this confidential 16-page justice department memo that concludes lethal strikes against u.s. citizens, who are operational leaders of al qaeda, are a lawful act of national self-defense. >> we only take these kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat, when capture is not feasible, and when we are con
-- [ banjo music ] >> stephanie: all right. both of them bad. he is just mad because obama is taking all of his guns away. >> president obama officially announced that starting jan 1st 2013 he will be waging war against the second amendment. ♪ the gun shows on the weekend ♪ ♪ and all of your friends tell you that obama is messing around ♪ ♪ taking all your guns baby ♪ ♪ if that's the way you see it baby, then you don't have half a mind ♪ ♪ i don't believe it ♪ ♪ you're such a nitwit ♪ ♪ heard it from a friend who heard it from a trend in who purchased 5,000 rounds ♪ >> and he did that without any kerry okie track. >> stephanie: yes. we'll be right back with the waning minutes of the "stephanie miller show." ♪ fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident,
to be extremely careful because any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm ethan because he is right there. >> interest in the stand off extended beyond alabama, and even president obama praised authorities for saving the boy. >> thank you. >> new this morning, president obama is enjoying a high approval rating with hispanics, a poll shows 70 percent of hispanics now approve of the president's job performance, down 5 percent from december but still ahead of what the president polls during the middle of his re-election campaign last summer. the poll comes as the president starts the push for immigration reform. >> we will see a change in the weather starting this morning. >> it is milder. mike has the forecast. >> absolutely. let's get to it at 6:18, the bay bridge shows they are not practicing with the lights. it was beautiful to watch. we will see the clouds looking to the port of oakland. the clouds are showing up on live doppler 7 hd but no radar runs reinforcing the air is tie dry for rain. the clouds have kept temperatures up this morning and as they move in, the high c
of violent attack against the united states. want to bring in halle goran any. a controversial issue, under president bush, now president obama. the fact that the government does have the power, and the authority, to kill an american overseas that's considered a threat. and how do they define that? >> that's the question because when you say imminent, it could be imminent in a few hours, in a few weeks, saying you can target a member of al qaeda, senior operational al qaeda leader, or associated forces. how are you defining associated forces? how are you defining the word imminent? how are you defining the word threat? all of these things are things that are open to interpretation and has civil liberties groups, as well, worried about what this means as far as the u.s., executive powers authority to decide, based on kind of unclear, sometimes, terms in terms how they're defined to go ahead and assassinate a u.s. citizen abroad. when you look at the justice department memo, as you said, leaked and made public by nbc, 16 pages. details the case for the use of those armed drones, which are ter
because any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm the boy because he is right there. >> interest in the stand off extended beyond alabama and president obama praised authorities for saving the little boy. >> thank you. a pair of suspected thieves face charges for using information from a contra costa newspaper list to burglarize a home in walnut creek while the owners were vacation similar to an incident involving the "los angeles times" where they took $1 million in valuables while people were on vacation based on a "los angeles times" delivery hold list. police believe an office machine repairman leaked the list and the contra costa times is trying to determine how the information was released. >> i have to get gas and i did not even need to put on a jacket. >> it is milder this morning. mike? >> you bigoted -- you big teddy bear. >> they are right. it is milder because of the cloud cover, from mid-40's to 50 degrees. not much radar return looking at the satellite. that is up in portland and toward seattle. the system will come through quietly but behind it w
healthcare to poof people who can't afford it. never mind that obama won the catholic vote or that last may's gallup poll reported 82% of catholics have no moral problem with birth control. rush limbaugh came in against contraception and they pulled out. however, they gave birth control one year delay. they employed joe biden as an interimmediatary and this friday kathleen is he babious was most contrite and apologetic when announcing their new plan for women who work for religious-affiliated institutions to get free birth control without requiring their employers to pay for it. by using third party insurers. where in the bible does it say that birth control is wrong. you're probabling saying hey the bible says be fruitful and multiply. which it does. but if the pope against birth control, why does the pope get to be a celibate. kind of do as i say not as i don't do. also when
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 66 (some duplicates have been removed)